Patrick Joseph Connolly

  "He didn't attend the Tisch School of the Arts and he didn't study under Lee Stratsberg. Connolly is a blue-collar guy out of Levittown who always knew there was something more to his life. Alot of people considered him the funniest guy they knew and his wife Karen finally urged him to pursue an acting career.

  "I knew he could do this," she said. "He was always like our private entertainer." He's not so private anymore."
  "He walked in the diner, glanced around and sat down. He was a menacing figure who symbolized a menacing final moment in the most anticipated-and now, most hotly debated-finale in TV history. Was "the trucker" (as billed in the final credits) a potential assassin, or...?

    Yeah just another little question left hanging - forever. But here is one undisputable fact: This "trucker" is from Levittown.

     His name is Patrick Joseph Connolly and has a growing number of movie and TV roles."

   "And what of our intriguing plumber-potential-Tony-assasin from Levittown?
         He didn't return calls.
         The mystery continues."

"But what I could tell from the credits is the name of the Truck Driver looking guy who walks in above then sits in the corner booth.
        The credits list him as Patrick Joseph Connolly. Take a look at his face. Does he resemble the previous episode? David Scatino, Tony's childhood friend who owned the sports store. Well the actor who played him was Robert Patrick, and I'm convinced that's him in the booth.
        He walks in to the restaurant and sees a coincidental opportunity for revenge. Patrick Joseph Connolly is Robert Patrick. Name changed to hide the storyline. "

  "Patrick Joseph Connolly who appeared in the final episode of The Sopranos, co-starred and, along with a fine supporting cast."

                                                 -The Ring
  "Seamus McDonagh, as an aged broken down man sitting alone in a bar, when a fight fan, played by Patrick Joseph Connolly recognizes and approaches him."

                                      -Boxing Digest 
."McDonagh is matched by the superb Patrick Joseph Connolly, another Golden Gloves winner and an outstanding character actor. "

                                                -Irish Voice
Kid Shamrock (Revised) Feb. 2011
"You might not say Duddy stole the show (Patrick Joseph Connolly, the veteran character actor who plays an inebriated salesman whose barroom conversation serves as a foil for the older Kid Shamrock’s reminiscences, did that), but he was almost astonishingly competent, delivering his lines (in a New York accent) with a flawless ease."

                                                                       -GEORGE KIMBALL
     "Kid Shamrock"
           Producers Club
Kid Shamrock Revised (Nov. 25-Dec. 4, 2011)
TADA Theatre
Atlantic Theatre
This one-in-a-million show, produced by M.D.A.K. Productions, in association with Fred Rosenberg, Throwback Media, throws some remarkable power punches: Besides Bobby Cassidy’s heart-felt script, there is Seamus McDonagh’s and Patrick Connolly’s powerful acting; Ron Ross’s acclaimed literature (He sits center-stage and reads from his well-received biography, Bummy Davis vs. Murder, Inc.), and Chris Cassidy’s touching boxing portraits.     

​                                                        -Peter Wood,